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well. I drank bleach. I'm in the hospital.they say its eating away my organs . I'm gone I guess . bye 

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Posted on 10:22PM on Jan 13th, 2013
Why did you drink bleach!? I am interested in your motivation to do such things. If the pic on your profile is truly you then you are a really beautiful girl and have an advantage over most others in the world. I hope you are ok for your sake because the world needs more people that shine.
Posted on 10:27PM on Jan 13th, 2013
yes that's me.. and why I drank it is not the question .. the question is why wouldnt I? I . have nothing else to hold onto except aly .... I have a kid I'm on the streets I'm anorexic and on drugs . I'm 12 .. what else can I do
Posted on 07:25AM on Jan 24th, 2013
Google your town & Pentecostal church

I'm sure they'll help you: I made 2 serious suicide attempts, but with faith in Jesus & in God's promises, life can be beautiful in any circumstances - the most joyful folk I've ever known are Afro Pentecostal Christians, who've been thru war, famine, disease, etc

Praying for you
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